We’re an all-volunteer effort and are always looking to grow! If you’d like to join our cast of creators with artistic interpretations (such as Jenna Frome‘s, whose vision graces the cover of this website), translations, animations, distribution, and anything else you could bring to the project! Get in touch with us at warachildrensbookmail@gmail.com if you’d like to help bring this project to the next level!

Zachary Gallant

zachZachary Gallant is the author of War: A Children’s Book and The Forgotten War Crimes: State Sovereignty, Ethnic Cleansing, and the Autonomist Revolution. He spent 2008-2009 on a Fulbright Scholarship researching post-conflict redevelopment in the former Yugoslavia and holds an M.A. in International Politics from the University of London’s Goldsmiths College. He currently lives in Germany, where he works as Director of Development for a refugee integration project, teaches German to refugees, and lectures on refugee issues and on Jewish Concepts of Peaceful Coexistence at universities and organizations across the country. His most important role, though, is as a full-time father of two sons, to whom War: A Children’s Book was dedicated.

Jason Maageria

Jason MaageriaOur Kiswahili co-author, Jason Maageria, grew up in Kenya during the deadly inter-ethnic conflicts of the ’90s and 2000s. He gained a passion for volunteering, teaching, and just helping. An educator in Mombasa, Jason was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to teach Kiswahili at Yale University in 2015, and continued on to teach Kiswahili at Bowling Green University in Ohio. Jason’s powerful translation was completed rapidly and edited by a wide network of Kiswahili linguists, psychologists, artists and educators from Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania, as well as in Germany and the United States, and stands ready to be illustrated and published to reach audiences in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia.

Manuela Schuster

Manueka SchusterOur German co-author, Manuela Schuster, was born in Romania under the regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu, and emigrated with her family to Germany early in her childhood as conflict was breaking out. She is currently, among other things, a German teacher, helping to integrate newcomers into German society, many of them war refugees. Her envisioning of the text brings in a refugee frame story, explaining war through the lens of  “who is this new child in my class/neighborhood?” Her interpretation is currently being proofread by child psychologists, trauma psychologists, educators and parents throughout Germany. It will be featured at the German and broader European 2018 EMDR trauma therapy conferences in Bonn, Germany & Strasbourg, France.

Nadina and Jasna Fejes

Nadina FejesOur Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin co-authors, Nadina (pictured) and Jasna Fejes, are a daughter mother-team from Vojvodina, in northern Serbia. Jasna was a lawyer raising three daughters during the wars of the 1990s as Yugoslavia fell apart, and Nadina spent her first decade of life in an on-again-off-again warzone. Nadina holds an M.Sc. in Evidence-based Social Interventions from Oxford University, and has acted as War: A Children’s Book‘s project manager from the very beginning.

Riad al-Hamad

Raid al-HamadOur Arabic co-author, Riad al-Hamad, was a lawyer in Aleppo, Syria, before the war. He is the committed father of three children, his first born in Syria right at the beginning of the war, his second born in a refugee camp in Turkey, and his third born in Riad’s current home in Germany. His interpretation is being proofread by a wide range of refugee parents and children, teachers and therapists and will be published additionally in a dual-language edition alongside Manuela‘s German translation as a tool of refugee integration.

Tasia Karoutsos

Tasia Karoutsos

Tasia Karoutsos is the War: A Children’s Book Social Media Coordinator, running our website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts since we first came online. She earned her B.A. in Media and Communications Studies at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, where she organized and ran conferences on war-time violence against women and on sexual violence in the media. She has since run or assisted on social media for KidzTable, a non-profit providing healthy food to children in Baltimore City, Bethesda Softworks’ The Elder Scrolls Online, and other major clients.


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