War: A Children’s Book is a massive volunteer effort, across multiple continents and language groups, to safely introduce children to the reality and root causes of war. It travels through ethnic conflict in ways that let a child see how even they could get caught up in such hysteria. It helps children build their own strategies to prevent conflict. And it gives them a way forward, with hope to end war.

In faraway places with strange sounding names
People live in fear of the soldiers and planes,
The thunder of hundreds of thousands of boots,
The rat-tat-tat-tat of their guns as they shoot.
A family’s home, where they’ve lived all their life
Can disappear in the course of one single night.

After a long editing process including dozens of activists and educators and the advice of prestigious children’s authors, including legendary children’s entertainer Barry Louis Polisar, and a long community effort to make the book public, it was picked up by a publisher and found its way to bookstores, both real and online, in Spring 2016. Since then it has been translated and re-envisioned in 4 languages and has been viewed by educators, trauma therapists, and parents as a tool not simply of spreading peace, but of altering a child’s view of war as inevitable.

Interested in learning more about this project? Want to get involved? Contact us here: warachildrensbookmail@gmail.com